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Sell 24 boxes of choclate and make over 1000$ in profit!

Chocolate - The Easiest Fundraiser!
Fast, Simple and Very Profitable!!  54% profit Margin

Try Aunt Sarah's today!

For 34 years Aunt Sarah's, a Canadian owned and operated family business, has been creating delicious quality confections. All Aunt Sarah's products are made with the finest ingredients and much care is taken to ensure the highest quality.


Since 1991, Aunt Sarah's has been a leader in fundraising.

The Simply Delicious Bar is one of seven available bars! Fundraising groups across Canada have had tremendous success selling Aunt Sarah's because it is the biggest and best tasting chocolate available!

Bigger than the competition!


Fundraising with Andrew Retchless

Raise Funds for your School, Organization or Team

Andrew Retchless: Distributor for Aunt Sarah’s Chocolate in Québec. Aunt Sarah's Chocolate is a Canadian chocolate bar made by chocolatier Peter Brazier.

Jump start your Fundraiser! 

Order samples: Dark and Milk Chocolate with an incredible taste!



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